What types of memberships are offered at The Ring?

We offer 4 types of Memberships: Virtual Office, Co-working, Contenders Club and Private Office.

Do I need to have any type of insurance to rent office space or be a member?

Our members are not required to have business insurance however it is strongly recommended.

How can I change the primary member on my company account?

Contact your community manager and fill out the Account Change Form.

How can I add new members on my account portal?

Contact your community manager to Add Members to your Company Account.

What happens if I need more space or desks?

Each Private Office has a maximum capacity and designated amount of desks represented by 4 tiers. Our spaces are designed for your business growth. If you run out of space, you can contact your Community Manager, who will show you all available spaces. Your membership plan will then be pro-rated and your next billing cycle will be adjusted to your new rate and new term.

What is your signage policy?

We currently do not allow signage on the glass walls, doors and windows.

How can I get added to the Space Directory?

All members will be listed on our interactive directory. Directory listings are offered free of charge. We want you to know your community and network within our Ring Ecosystem.

What is the membership cancellation policy?

Month to month members must submit a written 30-Day notice before cancelling. You can also cancel by following theses steps

  • In your Account Portal, navigate to Membership.
  • Next click Request Cancellation.
  • Lastly, confirm that you want to send a notice to our Ring Team.

Include this cancellation request form and send it to

What are the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce benefits and how do I sign up?

Members with membership plans exceeding 6 months automatically qualify for a 1 year Free Chamber of Commerce Bronze level membership. Learn More Here

Can I bring guests, do they need a special pass to access the facility?

Yes, our members are allowed to bring guests, please visit and select Day Pass or in your Account Portal Add a Guest.

Are pets allowed?

We love our little friends, however, we only allow Service Animals in The Ring at this time.


When are late fees applied?

Late Fees are applied after 3 days of missed payments.

What are Credits and how can I purchase additional?

Credits are used for booking conference rooms, flex spaces and printing. Each member starts with a set number of credits per month, based on their membership agreement. Members can purchase as many credits as needed. 1 Credit/$5.00. Credits can be purchased in your Account portal.

When will I be billed for add-ons or additional services?

Add-ons and additional services are billed from the date that they are requested and added to your membership plan.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept Certified cashier’s checks, ACH Wire Transfers, Debit and Credit Cards.


Will the Ring collect personal or financial information over the phone or via email?

Personal information is collected in person, over the phone and via email. Financial information must be provided in person, by an authorized member of your company.

Who do I contact in the case of an emergency, what is there a contact number?

In case of a medical emergency, please contact 911. For all other emergencies please you can contact your Awesome Community Manager.

IT + A/V

How do I connect to The Ring’s Wi-Fi network?

Ask your Community Manager for the Wifi Password.

Is there a limit on the bandwidth?

Currently, The Ring offers unlimited internet use. Members must abide by The Ring’s WIFI and Internet terms of use.


Do you offer video conferencing?


Are there any free collaborative tools for members?

Yes, The Ring offers Collaborative Tools such as interactive displays, projectors and video conferencing devices.

Can I have a TV in my office?

Based on approval.


Do you allow personal printers?

Personal printers are not permitted due to our strict environmental policies.

What are the fees associated with Printing?

Credits are used to pay for printing colored and black and white documents. The Ring offers enterprise level printers with copy, fax, scan and additionally binding, folding and stapling. Colored prints costs .40 black/ white prints costs.  


Does my office come with a phone?

The Ring offers VOIP phones for an additional monthly charge.

How do I enable call forwarding?

Contact your Community Manager.

How do I troubleshoot phone issues?

Contact your Community manager for assistance with troubleshooting.


What is The Ring Health Menu and upgrades?

The Health Menu is available for all Private Office members who desire to upgrade their office amenities. Choose from a selection of eco-friendly and smart furniture options designed to improve your overall productivity and well-being.

Can I bring my own furniture?

The Ring aims to maintain a healthy and eco-friendly work environment, we provide a selection of furniture and décor options and tools that meet our environmental standards.


How do I sign up for email notifications?

Answer coming soon.

How do I opt-in to or opt-out of the R Network email notifications?

Answer coming soon.

The Ring Community Guidelines

What is The Ring Ecosystem?

The Ring’s ecosystem is made up of 3 main components, Nature, people and Technology. Our mission is to create the world’s healthiest work spaces. We strive to constantly improve our work environment .

Building Facilities

Do I need to clean my own office?

No, The Ring provides daily sanitation and cleaning of all work areas. We use HEPPA vacuums, eco-friendly and green products to maintain and comply with WELL Building Standard.

How do I access the building after hours?

If your membership includes 24/7 access, you will be provided with a pin code to access the building.

What is the voltage of the outlets in my office?

The voltage in the Ring is standard 220v.

Can I use the freight elevator?

Yes, please reserve the freight elevator with your Community Manager.

Café Lounge

What is The Ring’s refrigerator use policy?

The Ring’s community refrigerator is shared amongst all members, items stored for more than 48 hrs will be discarded. The Ring encourages good nutrition and healthy eating habits.

If there is an issue with any electrical device, what should I do?

Contact your Community Manager if you experience any problems with any electrical device.