A healthy mind, body and spirit is capable of greatness.

The Ring is a space of distinct perspectives, where nature, people, and technology converge to form a balanced, shared, and efficient ecosystem.

“The natural environment inspired the workspace we built, our personal and professional life experiences shaped the way in which we wanted to work. We envisioned an eco-friendly and integrated work environment that would improve the overall health, performance, and productivity of working professionals. The logic was simple, if you feel great, you can accomplish anything. We are creating a community and building spaces where businesses thrive, and determination separates the good from the great.” – The Ring Founders

The Ring’s overall mission is to optimize human potential within the built environment.

Our vision is to create the healthiest workspaces in the world, optimal for human performance productivity and wellbeing.

The 4 Pillars





Elemental Design

The Ring ensures clean air flow throughout all their cowork spaces, diminishing allergies and sick building symptoms.

— Reduce asthma and allergy symptoms
— Reduce respiratory symptoms
— Lessen sick building symptoms

Clean, potable drinking water provided throughout The Ring’s facility.

Consistent with EPA water quality standards

The Ring’s infrastructure is strategically designed with live walls and oxygenating plants. Scientific studies prove that green workspaces like the The Ring

Help reduce stress
Enhance attitudes and behaviors
Increase productivity
— Improve air quality

Our philosophy is inspired by the element of fire for a number of reasons. Similar to the heated determination ignited in a fighter’s spirit, The Ring was adamant in creating workspaces that elicit passion, inspiration, and perseverance. 

Through purposeful element design, we are able to manipulate light, air, and sound to evoke certain emotions to enhance the experience of our members.

Lighting will mimic our outdoor environment, like the sun when it moves from East to West
Smart technologies allow members to adjust the temperature, noise, and lighting based on personal preferences
Tones and hues of cowork spaces can be adjusted

Our Partners & Affiliates


Our Referral Program is simple and rewarding.

Tell your Friends, Family and other Businesses about The Ring.
Schedule a Tour by entering their and your information.
When your referral joins, receive 10% off the value of their membership on your next billed month.